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Ukrainian slow fashion brand  sustainable , sustaineble


SELERA is Ukrainian fashion brand. Was founded in 2020 by designer and stylist Valeriia Semchuk. 

SELERA is about freedom and love to yourself.
SELERA is for women who love and value themselves exactly as they
are. The best feature of a woman is her natural beauty, because every young lady is beautiful in her own way. This is the main principle of our activity.
The brand was created in 2020 by designer and stylist Valeria Semchuk.

Why choose SELERA?


• SELERA appeals to your individuality. Each woman is unique and beautiful, and we know how to enhancee her natural beauty.


• We stand for naturalness in all forms: unlike in your smartphone, the only filter in life is a real yourself and your style, your clothes.
• SELERA stands for high-quality natural fabrics or fabrics based on natural raw
materials. And we will help you to sort them once and forever. And trust us, you will never want anything else!

• Each item goes through many stages of production and evaluation. Having created a sketch and selected a fabric, we make one sample of a particular model. Then we carefully assess of how it was after wearing, washing and ironing. Only after checking and all possible changes we decide if this model worth to go into mass production

• When choosing fabrics, we give a preference to stock brand fabrics. This makes it possible for a quality product to become accessible and appreciated.


• SELERA takes care of eco-component in the production process: thanks to a rational way of clothes production and use of eco packaging, which enables to avoid residues accumulation.
• SELERA is about

Our every item corresponds to the latest trends on the fashion market.


We support Ukraine and 20% from each purchase will be send to needs of our country. 

Also, you could buy charity items witch were made by Ukrainian children.

Choose quality and love to
yourself. Choose SELERA🤍

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